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Count Mortis Presents: Foul Proceedings
One can always find the strangest things while at the church cemetery. Why just the other night I happened to come upon the most fiendish of acts. I saw with my own eyes a nude woman make love to a living corpse!

Of course I'm almost certain you don't believe me. Fair enough, let the details stand for itself....

While she laid on a toppled gravestone-it's cracked marble pressed against her back-a disjointed figure shuffled up the ditch. The woman squirmed in excitement at the sound of his gargled breath.

As the moon's glow shined on her bare chest, I will admit that I became frightened. It was then that I crouched behind the nearest tree to my left. Luckily, I still had a clear view of the wretchedness before me.

The corpse lunged onto her quivering body; her legs were wrapped tight around it's torso. You could hear her wraith in ecstasy at each thrust of it's rotted genitals.

Just as nausea began to get the better of me, I noticed on the dew-soaked grass beside the corpse a bundle of clothes which anyone would assume belonged to the woman. It appeared to be a nun's tunic of all things. I suppose all those tedious days of denying yourself even the smallest bit of pleasure can lead some women down...unusual paths.

This grisly encounter became more intense when the ghoul began to twitch and jitter into some sort of seizure. The woman put her arms around her lover and pulled him down to kiss. I began to gag as I could see the woman glide her tongue around the corpse's mouth.

She then began this bizarre chant which, to me, sounded almost German in it's origin. Forgive me if I transcribe this incorrectly, but I believe she said:

"Nimm mich jetzt meine gehörnten Meister.
Nimm mich jetzt, mein Fleisch Schmerzen für Sie!
Ich verurteile alle von Christus und sein Leiden
Ich jetzt im Bett schlafen, mit dem Teufel "

It was at this point that I could no longer bear to witness the grim coupling. I proceeded to turn around when I foolishly stepped on a fallen twig. The sounds of unearthly passion ceased, and I was left with no other choice but to run.

To this day I have not been back to that particular cemetery. Oh, but I do wonder what has become of our dear sister of God. Did she go back to the convent that morning and pray for forgiveness with the stench of rot between her legs. The things we do as sinners.
Disturbing and captivating. I HAD to read it! Big Grin As if cemeteries aren't scary enough!
Disturbing and captivating. I HAD to read it! Big Grin As if cemeteries aren't scary enough!

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