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My script teaser...
I'm writing a modern dark gothic/supernatural romance script I hope to sell as a play or movie. So, here is my test. If you read the below description in a review would you want to see this movie? Would you drag your significant other to see it too? I hope to balance the romance and action enough to make it a good "date movie" for couples.


In 1967 thirteen year old Susan Harding worships her sister's delinquent boyfriend, spoiled nineteen year old Darrin Darvell; but Darrin is as heartless as he is rich. At a drunken bonfire party Darrin molests Susan, causes her sister's death, and escapes into the night.

Thirteen years later Darrin returns to find Susan an emotionally damaged basket case haunted by her past. When Darrin reveals that he's returned to heal old wounds Susan believes her prince has finally come to make amends; but Susan is being used again in Darrin's most selfish and demonic game yet. As Darrin's insane plot devours their lives Susan struggles to determine who is the healer and who shall be healed.

Hmmm. Don't know. I could see this turning a bit lurid, even horrific. However, the general audience's appetite for horror in recent days has remained rather high. It could be successful.
Yeah, I know what you mean. The point of the exercise was to write something like you read on the back of a DVD at the rental store, but in all honesty, I despise the text on the back of most DVDs. It usually doesn't tell you much about the movie so instead of being specific it's almost as if you have to be intentionally vague instead.

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