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The Night Gallery show
Anyone else like the old 70's show "The Night Gallery"? I've watched DVDs recently and also its on, I think that people that like this site would like to watch Night Gallery.
I do enjoy Night Gallery but not as much as the Twilight Zone.
I agree that Twilight Zone was a better show overall, but Night Gallery has its moments. The overall tone of the show has a strangely mellow and strung-out quality, almost as if everyone involved were, well, smoking something . . .

Among the best episodes I've seen: Silent Snow, Secret Snow, a haunting and bittersweet adaptation of the Conrad Aiken short story; The House, about a woman trying to find a house she keeps dreaming about but has never visited; and Caterpillar, a truly horrific tale involving an earwig . . . and I'll say no more.
you are right guys about Twilight Zone. It was a great thing to see in Night Gallery and i personally like it more then other. Penfeather , I must ay its all over was a great.
sidjohn , I have never enjoyed this drama in my life but after reading your post developed my craze to know about this serial and would like to enjoy this. So would you like to share something about that interesting?

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