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What American gothic authors do you read?
(09-30-2007, 10:21 PM)readertim Wrote: I'm looking to try out a few American authors. By try out, I mean that I'll read one or a few of their books. What American Gothic authors do you like?

I'm a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney, but as far as modern authors, Kathy Hepinstall has some mad skills. I read her first book The House of Gentle Men a few years back and plan to read her other books, Prince of Lost Places and The Absence of Nectar.

Her writing is full of atmosphere and dark humor, but she's also good at creeping you out. Her characters are compelling, and even if you don't like a character, you can't help but pity them in some way, and for me, I need fully-developed characters as well as an intriguing plot.

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