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[BIBLIO] Rae Foley Bibliography
Here is a (possibly incomplete) bibliography we compiled a little while back. Any additions or corrections greatly appreciated.

Rae Foley Bibliography

No Tears For the Dead, 1948
The Girl From Nowhere, 1949
Bones of Contention, 1950
The Hundredth Door, 1950
An Ape in Velvet, 1951
Wake the Sleeping Wolf, 1952
The Man in the Shadow, 1953
Dark Intent, 1954
Death and Mr. Potter, 1955
The Last Gamble, 1956
Run For Your Life, 1957
Where is Mary Bostwick?, 1958
Dangerous to Me, 1959
It's Murder Mr. Potter, 1961
Repent at Leisure, 1962
Back Door to Death, 1963
Fatal Lady, 1964
Call It Accident, 1965
Suffer a Witch, 1965
Scared to Death, 1966
Wild Night, 1966
Fear of a Stranger, 1967
The Shelton Conspircy, 1967
Malice Domestic, 1968
Nightmare House, 1968
Girl on a High Wire, 1969
No Hiding Place, 1969
A Calculated Risk, 1970
Ominous Star, 1971
This Woman Wanted, 1971
The First Mrs. Winston, 1972
Sleep Without Morning, 1972
Reckless Lady, 1973
Trust a Woman?, 1973
The Brownstone House, 1974
One o' Clock at the Gotham, 1974
The Barclay Place, 1975
The Dark Hill, 1975
Put Out the Light, 1976
Where Helen Lies, 1976
The Girl Who Had Everything, 1977
The Slippery Step, 1977
Nice list, GothAdmin. Which should I start with first?
The first book I read from Ms. Foley was "Repent at Leisure". It got me hooked on her books. This was one of the Hiram Potter mysteries. What I did not realize at the time was that a couple of characters from "The Last Gamble" appeared in this. I have not read all the Potter mysteries, but if you wanted to start with those, I guess you should read the first one, "Death and Mr. Potter". I have not read it. "Girl on a High Wire", "A Calculated Risk" and "Ominous Star" are your typical Gothic romantic suspense.
Wow, it's hard to believe that she wrote all those books. Imagine how many hours she must have spent laboring away. That's amazing.
Rae Foley also wrote the following, under the other pseudonyms:

As ‘Dennis Allan’
1) House of Treason 1936
2) Brandon Is Missing 1940
3) Born to Be Murdered 1945
4) Dead to Rights 1946

As ‘Helen K. Maxwell’
1) The Girl in a Mask 1971
2) Leave It to Amanda 1972
3) The Livingston Heirs 1973

And under her real name, Elinore Denniston:
The Case of the Headless Corpse, 1940

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