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Fear No Evil by Alice Brennan
From the back cover: Mom Pet ruled Kaley House and the resort lake around it with an iron hand, even though the old woman was confined permanently to a wheelchair. When Margaret Blyeth came back to the lake country of her childhood seeking proof that she was not responsible for the death of a man who had claimed to love her, she quickly came under the spell of Mom Pet...and just as quickly found herself enmeshed in a web of terror! Something evil was haunting the lake country...something that seemed to take particular delight in tormenting Margaret, until the young girl was forced into an impossible choice between insanity and murder!

This book was interesting enough to keep reading. I didn't think the location/house/lake was a separate character in this story as some locations seem to be in other books. This was mainly a character-driven story.

The heroine seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and made her own decisions no matter what the others were saying. Especially those made by Mom Pet and her tarot cards. Usually they were sound decisions except one. Won't say what it was, if you read it, you'll see, but I guess if she didn't make this decision, there wouldn't have been suspense towards the end of the book, such as it was.

One of the characters was truly unpleasant and made a few gestures and comments which would have me thinking twice but alas, the heroine let them pass with excuses. Guess that is why all these characters come into peril!

Everyone drank mucho coffee throughout the book.

One of the dinners was described - a side dish of creamed cabbage with walnuts - blech!

The nickname Mom Pet for one of the character's mother bothered me. Sounds too, I don't know, weird or something.

Overall it wasn't a bad read. I would recommend it.
This looks a little interesting, but does it contain supernatural elements--is that the reason behind events? If so, I'd pass on it, so I wanted to check before going to the trouble of finding the book. Thanks!

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