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submitted book covers
I sent a review of a gothic I just finished to this forum. I'd like to include a copy of the cover as well but when I tried to upload it, it said the size was too big. I'm not that computer savvy to figure out how to make it smaller. Can someone help me?
Hi coramunroe,

If the image is coming from a scanner, then be sure to select the JPG/JPEG file format to save your image. If you select TIFF or BMP format it will create a huge file.

Also, dropping the DPI to around 72 or 100 will create a smaller image.

Most versions of Windows come with MS Paint (on Vista you can find it in the 'Accessories'). If you open the image file in MS-Paint, there is an option at the top under 'Image -> Resize' that allows you to shrink the image.

If you already have a TIFF/BMP image from the scanner then you can also use MS-Paint to convert them to smaller file formats like GIF or JPG. Simply open the TIFF in Paint and then Save As and select the JPG file type.

Hope these suggestions help.

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