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Which VC Andrews Book First?
Although several people have recommended her, I have never read any VC Andrews. I plan to very soon and wondered whether those of you who might have read a few of her books and are perhaps a bit better acquainted with her body of work might be able to recommend which to read first?
"Flowers in the Attic" most definitely. It was her first novel, and, unlike many of the later books, was actually written by her before she died. (A ghostwriter has written the bulk of the so-called "V.C. Andrews" books).

"Flowers in the Attic" isn't particularly well written (the dialogue and prose can be as purple as they come), but it's a good story. It's sort of a modern dark fairytale, with Gothic overtones and real bite. The other books in the series are mediocre to fairly decent, but this first book is the best. (And, don't read "Garden of Shadows" first. Despite the fact that it's a prequel, it should be read last, as it was published last and spoils "Flowers" if you read "Garden" first).

Also, read "My Sweet Audrina," Andrews' stand-alone novel. It's extremely Gothic and a good (if far-fetched) mystery that indicates a far more (delightfully) warped mind than that of the humdrum ghostwriter.
Do you know who the ghostwriter was?
tamtam Wrote:Do you know who the ghostwriter was?

His name is Andrew Niederman and he is still writing V. C. Andrews' novels. He's also written under his own name.

V. C. Andrews wrote most all of the "Flowers in the Attic" series (except maybe "Garden of Shadows" which Niederman might have written most of), "My Sweet Audrina," and most of the "Heaven" series. All the other series are by the ghostwriter.
For VC Andrews readers, which books would you actually recommend? They all seem to be the same to me, at least when I read the back covers.
I read Flowers in the Attic roughly 20 years ago. A rarity for me, particularly at the time (very young and disliked fiction). A good read, almost seemed like a true story. I became unexpectedly wrapped up with the characters to the point I wanted to strangle their mother with my bare hands. Big Grin

It's the only VC Andrews novel I recommend.

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