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Jill Tattersall
Quote: I don't want to insult anyone, but I think it has to do with the simple prevalence of bad taste. Vampire romances? No thank you. Since when are dead people sexy? Ick!

We have Bram Stoker to thank for this. Of course, Anne Rice added her particular slant. Buffy the Vampire Slayer took up the stake and ran with it. I have heard some theories regarding the sense of helplessness following catastrophic events at the threshold of the 21stC that sent some into the realm of monsters as a shield against the inevitability of death. But this fascination for vampires has been around for more than a century. Leonard Wolf's The Annotated Dracula is a good place to start for an approach to understanding the mindset of readers and writers alike.

I do prefer living and breathing, sun-worshipping, terminally alive lovers myself.
I don't mean to end such a good discussion, but I think we've strayed off the originally thread. Perhaps, you could start a new thread with this theme.
I loved Jill Tattersall's books. There is a lady I know who writes for Avon and she went to a conference in London a few years back. She met Ms. Tattersall there and told me that she was thinking of getting back into writing. I got very excited over that, but it has been about five years since then and I've not seen anything yet.

What a shame, as I just loved her writing style.
I hope she does go back to writing, Jace, although I wonder how old she is now...I think the older some authors get, the more formulaic their stories that age-ism? is just my observance and experience with some of my favorite authors...

i just finished Dark At Noon by Tattersall, and loved it...I am really going to enjoy reading all hers, now, as this is the second book by her I have enjoyed.

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