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Other Gothic novelists?
I see from reading the other entries that there are predominantly British and American Gothic authors. When Gothics were first introduced there were other European authors, but are there any in the 20th century? I'd love to read some.
I think a major obstacle is that authors of other nationalities probably don't speak or write in English. I imagine it's hard to write a book in a secondary language, and so we'd be stuck with translations.
Gothic literature of any kind (horror, romance, etc.) has always been considered an unwanted step-child to "real" literature. So, sadly, I don't think it has been considered worth a publisher's time to translate novels from other languages into English.

Gothic elements exist cross-culturally, though. Asian cultures, for instance, utilize many traditional Gothic elements in their ghost and horror stories, and even their movies. Take "The Ring" for instance. Even in the American version, you can see all the Gothic elements at work (the old house, the deep dark family secret, the mystery, the sense of dread, etc.)
The website is a Gothic bibliography compiled by a professor at Allegheny College. It has lists of Gothic works across various languages. They are not Gothic romances necessarily, but that shouldn't be a deterrent for Gothic exploration.

He has listings for authors that I never thought of as Gothic and the languages included are English (inc. Canadian and American authors), French, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, etc.

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