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Hello gothic romance acolytes

My name is Derek and like your one of a kind site. I have always been fascinated by vintage paperback book covers. Thurston, Kalin, Prezio, Marchetti, Podwil are my favorite gothic romance cover artists. There are dozens of artists who have contributed covers to this genre I'm not familiar with. By the way, the art that graces the top of this site is by Victor Prezio. I just posted an original piece in the book cover gallery.


Hi Derek, greetings and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the comments and the additional information for some of the book covers in the Cover Art Library section. Great to have you as a member.
Welcome Gothmeistem, I am a big fan of the "covers" as well, but can only name two of the "recognizable" artists by name. Would you be able to post examples of some covers by the artists you name (in our Cover Art Library)? That would be a big help to some amateur collectors (like me)!
Oh - YOU DID post some examples already (my bad) checking them out now!

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