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When talking about romance fiction a favourite of all time has to be Mills and Boon love it or loath it they have stormed the market for the last 100 years. Here is a brief outline for one of their new books, tell me what you all think, I wait with baited breath.
A plain hoyden, he had called her
Miss Charlotte Cartwright has never forgotten Roland Temple’s contemptuous rejection of her hand in marriage. And she’s not about to forgive either – even if Roland, the new Earl of Amerleigh, is now older, wiser and ten times as handsome!
Roland has returned home from the wars to find much has changed – including his spitfire of a neighbour. He’s soon determined to right the wrongs of the past – and this time the hoyden will be his bride!
Nah, don't like Mills and Boon at all.

Prefer things a little darker.
I've enjoyed a lot of Mills & Boon's in my youth (35 years ago). I especially remember the innocence: there were a few kisses and if this went any further, you didn't get any graphic details. The point-of-view was mostly through the heroine, thankfully. Reading your blurb, this wouldn't strike me as a Mills & Boon. I thought they always had contemporary settings. Maybe I need to read a few more modern Mills & Boon's to get up-to-date? Smile But OT: The description really isn't particularly interesting to me, sorry: same old same old.

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