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John Eyre by Mimi Matthews
I enjoyed reading John Eyre, by Mimi Matthews. It's a new adaptation of the classic story with some unusual twists. Matthews utilizes correspondence from an earlier period interspersed with the narrative, which is an interesting way to introduce the heroine and foreshadow what will come. The setting is perfect for a gothic novel: a large isolated country house with crenelated battlements on the fourth floor. There are early intimations that supernatural characters may play roles in the story. The two young boys that John Eyre is hired to tutor are otherworldly themselves. Lots to ponder and enjoy!
Sounds like a parody
Thanks for your thought, Paigenumber. A parody is generally humorous. John Eyre is deep, dark, and gothicky with supernatural elements. Although it tracks somewhat with the original Jane Eyre plot, Rochester takes on a much different role. I'd recommend it!

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