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Castle Malindine by Hilary Ford
I must say that when I started reading this book, I thought it might have been a satire. The mood was somewhat lighthearted and many of the characters were very exaggerated and stereotypical. Having said that, I discovered recently that many people and situations in real life are even more exaggerated and stereotypical than what one finds in books. Nevertheless, I was glad to finish the book because it was done well.

Synopsis: Bella accompanies her father to Ireland to make a claim on an inheritance that no one believes is rightfully his. She essentially humors him because he has always had unrealistic notions about his background without any substantial proof and about his prospects for financial success that are completely unfounded. However, they arrive in Ireland in the middle of unrest (the Irish war for independence from Britain) and find themselves caught up in the conflicts between the Malindines and the Irish peasants.

This was pretty good and I liked the little lightheartedness at the beginning because it got heavier at the end.

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