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The Haunting of Drumroe by Claudette Nicole
For a book written in 1971, I was surprised at how boldly the author discussed sex. Not that our heroine was promiscuous, but she was not afraid to talk about that. Of course, she was a divorcee.

Because our heroine was a little older and more experienced than the typical gothic heroine, I was surprised by the frequent lapse in or lack of judgment. Of course, the formula is always that the reader knows more than the protagonist even if the protagonist is the storyteller. Maybe it's because I watch too many crime stories, but could anyone ignore that it is too much of a coincidence for all the family members to drop dead of "accidents"?

There was a "supernatural" element in this story in the form of pre-cognition. I could relate to this because I have had experience with it myself at her age, though not to the same degree as described. There was also a touch of Druidism and superstition in this Irish setting.

The story was fast paced without feeling rushed, so it could be completed in a sitting. Despite the heroine acting and thinking stupidly at times, I'd still give this one a B.

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