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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
I have been wanting to read this since high school and I don't really know why I kept putting it off. Anyhow, I have a job now where I am driving 3-4 hours a day and to fill that time, I have started to listen to audiobooks. I can't find the time to read anymore. So I took the opportunity to listen to this book.

This is a Gothic novel, but not a gothic romance. However, the story is still good, well-written, unlike many of the hurried mass-produced gothic romances of the 70s. As a classic novel, many people will be aware that the story revolves around the idea of a young man who leads a dissolute life but outwardly does not show any signs of aging, whereas his portrait reveals the signs of dissipation. He discovers this fact and out of fear, he hides the portrait, checking on it every so often.

As a young man, he initially showed some conscience, but over time, his vanity pushes him to become more cynical and hard-hearted. Although the author does not reveal all the things he does, the reader is led to understand that his actions have caused many conscionable people to reject his society. He was selfish and liked to put the blame on others. He was manipulative and even blackmailed someone to cover up a murder. It was not until someone attempted to kill him in revenge that he suddenly decided to change his life. Unfortunately, it was too late. For those who have not read it, I would leave it at that.

I think as I was listening to the book that I hoped there was some salvation for Dorian but it did not happen. Or did it?
It's been on my TBR pile for years as well.

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