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Heir to Polventon by Marjorie Watson
Synopsis: A delicate young bride, unsure of her husband's love, unprepared for the cold welcome and the rough, treacherous existence that awaited her at Polventon.  Here in the grey stone house by the sea she would awake to the delights and perils of love, uncover dark and bloody family secrets and boldly confront the sinister force that threatened her happiness and survival.

This book was compared to Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn. It has been many years since I read Jamaica Inn and the lasting impression I had was the ending.  Does this book live up to its marketing? When I see comparisons to major authors, I always worry because I have been sorely disappointed many times.  But I actually liked this book.  It was intelligently written, well-paced, and the plotting was believable.  It was set at the turn of the 18th century in Cornwall and dealt with the themes of smuggling and ship-wrecking.  But blackmail was the driving force in this book. 

Our heroine starts out somewhat childish and immature (after all, she was only a teenager) but develops maturity in time.  Characters were 3-D which made them relatable. I will have to read Jamaica Inn again to draw any comparisons.

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