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Symphonic Soul Searching
Walking on the beautiful Victorian East side she had the sixth sense she was hearing classical music.The flower shops caught her eye the fast pace of the people going to work.What a soulful smell music sounds to her ear of daisies. Besides the faintly illuminated shapes stood out bright as the ground she was walking. You could smell all the ethnic flavors of foods.She felt the search something of a Saint what a Haydn his wife was the mad hair driving Miss daisy curler how he played through her hair. How his eyes wondered playing and observing like a womanizer and his eyes flew what a haunting moon. But Samatha was the harp shady tree lady stringing something together and it wasn't creepy pasta but sometimes her powers were weak. Some Gothic man symphonic music started playing Rossini Opera he could stand on his head she was pinned to his eyes she was all bloomed like a fly by witches flower came he passed her and he knew exactly who she was he winked to summoned her on what a binding spell she wiped the sweat off her face.

    She was beautiful pale porcelain skin and alluring walking with her parasol. But not realizing she was the target and wouldn't feel anything because he wiped out her soul. But music could overpower any ritual of a spell she was super soulful in her cooking and music she loved the artist Nicola Benedetti smooth and saucy. Let's go and play at the Carretti river of the twin residents. There was no way out he was the demon lord everyone was telling him to shoot that bitch with her poor soul brat-wurst. She needed to tune him out get a grip do you hear me who else could you be? He used to be a kind loved Mozart now he turned mad was in his blood Vampire shopping stake in the music heart. He was the historically instrumental music man.Some of his students he would torment them with his words if they didn't play their instrument top of the rank they wanted to bang their heads. They couldn't take it mop of a whiplash clean up your splash. They would have to stay very late to clean the coffin place. He was set a certain way he wanted them knuckled like the Eastwick Cher witches of East winds only Castled the hands didn't touch royalty he was sticking to his hat of a plan.

     Those fingers to bleed they would use broom mop beat of a witch drum.You never hold the broomstick right you need more beer brewing, this is crazy I am going out of my head. The music is  Bach but haunting when I am in route I-69 the music is all over the place he pulled himself into the witch and go station he said the worst of this is over I think the worst of the shock was receding as long as he didn't think of those damn witches they are called the symphonic witches.They hunt & wait to find the most vulnerable one with the worst mop of hair.What did she do to you hearing the same symphonic melody but it was more like a cancer of parody.
     They met every Thursday  4 that green thirsty human @ the Demon's brew up @ the London brewery.Dark left a brutal mark always a screw of the fallen hair. Let's go international very conventional.Not very functional This world is messed up worm's batch of brew in your cup. They need to suck in their waistline what guts raining witches. There hat's hanging by her plants of weed of wrinkle face and my pot green thumbs.I needed to stretch my hat with my longer than hail the witch nails. Bring my candle's & my black evil cat.
    Time remaking itself will I ever B myself.Did he give you big stage shot of injections This whole world is a disease cup of coffee they drink blood sugar raises her skin got as pale as milk not very fast food appetizing all beds and sheet and the primary color green faces of IV poison talking heads psyche killer someone was rolling the camera she screams!! I need to put my face back on movie set did you end up like dead head detention Was this the bad side of the moon creation Dark I love it witchery 3d images of gruesome reaction. I had sex, or not. was it interesting?He hurt like hell.Trying to escape the paleontologist what a skull came to my door with his spy eye ringing my bell. Amen of her own dark harvest clown. Was impossible, mission, deep inside she scream's alway's under unruly conditions. Only love of darkness spell went deeper he reached.

    She was spiritual high devil's preach lessons 2 learn where no-one can hear. We love the dark 2 fear. How she urged, to hear his witch bell.Mouth foamy like hell One finger slipped, into my wet, TV channel. He flooded me on the edge of the canal fucked up carnal knowledge All over again sadistic creature Can you handle such leverage slavery in my feature I love looking like cruel creature He turned her body on the side. Whose-the-witch didn't know one from the other. She felt like a cat with his caressing strokes but he was creepy scars, images and voices really swept away and he would be pushing at my long hair to get it off my face.
   They loved hair it was a show to them.He was the music player the cry of an anguished cheetah.What telepathic communication it was easy to read their minds one of her brothers it seeped into her skin he had a second skin like humans of the third eye.
     Her eyes stabbed the chosen flavor "Evil Twin" her hair smelled musty.Melted black a profusion of curls flipped out. How the warlocks spilling forced her to loose her footing and butt pump way down the steps dark erotic quest to test. Inside there she might not know much but she knew witches of danger fire burn baby burn. What wicked mouth's one hand nestled the fireplace watching the wax off her legs melt.Red bleeding heart flowers hat flew what a tobacco King tut Egyptian. She could dance metallic studs Morroco Camel's Sara smile sunshine eyes he didn't sleep witches moon.

   She craved 4 Tabasco red hot where's my white Billy Idol feather when I need one isn't it called a gift from an Goth office wing.What a green envy face all monstrosities was this the college of Socrates vampire symphonic players Thalia's witch broom rise. She knew just where to fly like an aura of clairvoyance. She could use her hands to unscrewed any ring of his treasure chest. There was only one night in all the 13 days of the month. His hands shaped arched her breast It was Kentuckian Hot Chicken darkly stripped and burned. She closed her mouth and savored every sip of his coffee

    Her stick tied around his finger's stroking his Forever wasted stoned hair filled with cocaine. If your reading this please go insane. clean this place up she has a mop head red unruly. Potent scent of a pair.Oh, crap not to Holy looked at her feeding passionately she felt the frightening vulnerability of a relentless green glow.German belligerent in a nut-shell brown ale.Sharp teeth bloody banged her go to bloody hell digging like a witch whale. 

   Irish malted beer's someone ratted bad ass Rat spoiled sour kraut brat. tail ale in the cellar. Sucked every part staked the heart.A presenting sounded whoosh of She's dead hats and tires. Masculine over & over the bloody cover. coat Moose.Great tush which broom of her brush. knuckle winter stout. Couldn't get enough of her foaming pout. Green witchery.More methodical rubbing she was dark smoky sipping his, but her dark fang's kept creeping tainted love.
     She was pulsating his grizzly paw beer. She needed to make herself clear needing more______pulsating temple's, Smoked out his smoke cigar, his color turned green mean obscene he watched her like black coffee steaming hawk. She deaf like a mute she fucked the whole state but you can hear Symphonic tune's mopped over the speaker He became her devil the seeker.Looking out the window solar eclipsing turned darker. She was so speechless but you can hear all the mugs of Oktoberfest celebration. He leaned into her conversation. 

   But she was heated up not the usual one's How the men gulped it down like it was last deadly video game wish. What came out of all this?? At a distance, wax was burning speechless bad witch damn me 4 trusting you she keeps hearing those words. What came out of all this??Dead raven bird's burning so ritual through her soul.He has no car Lexus all green I scalped you lights control. Like astigmatic, Blurry focus. dalmatians all spots rapture.She was soul searching witchery tears so bogus ripples.She had some delightful Gothy bite nipples.

     Chest rises attempting to chase her, heightened sexual active New Yorker mad magazine hatter green diamonds of nipples. Euphoria Sun Moon and earth.Dark and Darth scattered Examining different signs. Witchery design table plates chattered teeth came at her. Was this her last prayer of death, Eyes looked adjacent it spoke.Smoking which breath whispering the word burn 2 the left the plate said It's your turn, She looked down at her's again she saw the words flying like a broomstick the witch is in your vein's heretically witches itself no one could kill them. Winter-Chapped stout couldn't get enough of her foaming green witchery pout. She was sipping her's so innocently he was sipping his grizzly paw beer.She needed to make herself clear, needing more__gone wild sex. 

   How she smothered his smoke cigar.All over Dark New Jersey angst teens, she played his smoking jacket Hugh bar. eclipsing turned darker more stressed and erotic This is war pressing her hands to her green poison ribs of the deadly roses how he loved to gulped it down. Where in Lover of Darkness town. Last the end, the end, over here seeing the words Music spell wish. What came out of all this??.At a distance wax was burning hell he's rising & I am dying. No more tears of crying all little big lie lying through her soul like astigmatic blurry focus.
    When I got home my husband wasn't there he was still at the firm I needed to take a cleansing bath with bath beads and my sponge of silk moisturizers how it soften my skin my shampoo was so crisp like an apple  spicy green soon as I put it in my hair I felt pieces falling out on the floor it was really scary the maid was cleaning up it was her usual day of cleaning not a flame of fire split of hair sky. When I got out of the victorian Gothic tub I looked in the mirror and screamed the top of a catnip tongue I could of scratch my scalp what the fuck happen to my beautiful dark exotic hair.I started to cry dripping tears she remembered when her husband would tug at her hair holding his sex pistol to the side of him and he caught the nape of her neck.
    Now!  it could have been so nice what is a long neck to look at when your hair cannot sweep up.The maid was devious still cleaning all over the house she was sitting all the way in the back in the parlor where no one can see her.Her husband came home and he was speaking to the maid little did she know she was in on the game too.The husband said where's my wife she said I don't really know sir. He looked in the bedroom than he looked in the guest room nothing he looked in the bathroom it looked like Python hit it. All blood sweat and tears everywhere.

   When he found her finally he said what happen to your hair look at you. She turned and said the fucking shampoo that I always use this time I was cursed.So where is it I left it in the bathroom he said I looked in there not anywhere. Then the maid came over he looked at the mop stick was her luscious thick as a whip long hair he knew that. It was some hell of wicked broom on he was getting hard headed like a bull something hot flickered all black turning his eyes deep green. You cannot argue with us. You will never win witchy women.
    So bogus checking our vital "Goth" signs green waves rapture. witchery tears of love capture spoke out to me chest rises did I repeat myself dark world crisis. So many times same words I am hearing I'm tough as nail's so daring please no love birds is the spell working on everything. I am reading over & over again attempting to chase dalmatians climbing on her cigarette-case  Miss Diva her heightened nipples.Euphoria dark Moon earth examining compromising positioning.I was born with it @ birth all the different signs. Making a mental list of it.Sitting at the Witchery design table plates with black horses in the stable chattered teeth came at her was this her last prayer of death, Eyes of Darth Girl Goth designer moth's looked adjacent whispering and he's tampering. the Witch we all have a witch inside our vein's music fly of the broomstick I rather B playing with his sensual Joystick.But she had that look and walk and the goth moon pulled her away heavy metal banging her away. He looked straight at her how he could suck every inch she had the heartiest taste he was the soul seeker.

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