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House of the Dancing Dead by Aola Vandergriff
This was the second gothic by this author that I discovered in our pile.  This was copyrighted in 1974, same as the other one.  It is somewhat surprising to me that she could have written two books in the same year without sacrificing quality. Not to say it was outstanding, just better than the average for that era.

Synopsis: Christie recovers from a car accident, in which her mother is killed, to find that she has lost her job and her boyfriend in the bargain.  She is offered a "job" by her boss, who is now dating her boyfriend, to impersonate her in order to inherit a legacy.  Little did either expect that the home she was entering (somewhere in New Mexico, I believe, but it was never clearly stated) would be inhabited by a bunch of supposedly dead relatives.  Granted, Christie has had a concussion and she is unfamiliar with these people, who have murderous intents towards her unless she cooperates, she still has strange ideas at times.  The worst idea, IMHO, is that she is interacting with zombies.  I know, in the end, she is somewhat delirious because she is suffering from pneumonia but prior to this, she couldn't conceive of any explanation of why dead people were in the house except that they were zombies?!  But she comes to her senses and despite her illness and her fear of driving (after the accident) she manages to escape with her "hero".  I may have spoiled it for you readers, but you already expect that the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset with each other.

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