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While She Sleeps! by Ethel Lina White
"Has her famous luck run out on her - for good? In the darkness, a killer rubs his gloved hands impatiently - eager to murder her in her gloomy mansion...."

OK. Not your typical Gothic, but it was published as one.  I like to think of this as a "whimsical suspense mystery".

Copyright 1966.

I've read other reviews on this site from other readers of Ms. White's other books.  Yes, I agree that she does use slang and make contemporary references that are too obsolete for today's readers to understand.  However, I find that to be the case for many writers back then, especially if you did not live through those times yourself.  Even so, I did enjoy this book.  There was a lot of tension building up and the reader is kept guessing as to how the story would end and who the "murderer" is.

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