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Hi, all I am a traveling freak and this is my passion. I wanna enjoy this hobby in my free time and would like to make a move al over the world to enjoy its beauty. I think this is a perfect way to have fun and through this, we can know about new and different places. What will you say about this passion? Are you traveling freak?
If you are also a traveling freak then must say Eris it will be a cool way to talk with you because I also one of your type of. I love to spend time on traveling or to talk about the places of this world those are new to me or where I ever went to see its beauty and culture. I am sure you love to share your experiences and let me know what to do which you like the most during travel?
Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, I have got a member in this forum which is same like me a. I mean I have found a traveler I am very happy and so sure will able to get something amazing in future. Anyhow, buddy while my visit I would like to do
Nature Viewing
Book Reading
and these kinds of other exciting ventures through traveling.
Are you interested in theses activities?
What are cool things to do you have mentioned here? I also love traveling and to try all these fun ways to make my travel time more exciting for me. I am sure it will be a cool way to try something new and exciting in different regions. Hiking is a best way to feel happy while to see natural beauty around you and make more fun memories to be on a travel.
Like you both I am also a traveler and really love to travel out different of places the world. I have much stuff about the places which I have explored till yet and really sure that this stuff will prove really useful for you all as well.
well, Eris your tour seem really great ad fulfilled.
That's a good news for us you are also a traveler like us and I am so sure ow we can do here more fun and would able to having an amazing time. Anyway, Simaar, like its name this tour was splendid for me and I would like to add here, this is just like a dream. I have enjoyed this tour a lot with my mates and have explored lots of attractions. I must say you should try this at least once. What say?
Hey all,
I love travelling too! Smile Especially in nature. I love hiking and if I can, I visit old castles in the woods. Smile
(01-05-2020, 11:30 AM)caleb76 Wrote: traveling is my passion. I always love to explore new places.

Welcome to the forum!

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