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Gothic Horror or Action Romp?
I would like the collective power of this forum to help me make a decision about a film.

I am a writer. My latest book is called GOLGOATH, it is a contemporary work similar (whilst also being not very similar, but I know you will need a frame of referance) to Clive Barker and Dean Koontz.

My writing style is very visual, I tend to write much the same as an editor creates scenes, switching between events as viewed from different character's perspectives; but I include only as much detail as is neeeded to set the scene, preferring the readers imagination to create the rest.

(bear with me, I'm getting to the point!)

I have always intended the novel to also become a screenplay aimed at a wide audience, but the story could just as well as either a thoughtful gothic horror such as The Crow, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview With the Vampire or Frankenstein, or as an action romp with horror aspects such as The Mummy, Blade, Van Helsing etc.

My question for you is: Which direction should I go?

Gothic Horror or Action Romp

Here is a brief Synopsis (you can learn more about the book from my site, google phil tinsley)

"The ‘Vassal Syntagma’ banished the medieval invaders of our world forever with the great work ‘Exilium Stygian’. In the centuries that followed its members acted as protectors and guardians to our whorl of the spiral, battling any Stygian who were powerful enough to breach the great barrier, until there were only two protectors left. Golgoath, a powerful Psionicist and Lubloy, the last Druidic Mage.

When Lubloy is lost the connection to the great barrier and it’s living component, Golgoath’s wife Verimana, is also lost and Golgoath is left alone to defend our world. Decades of loneliness and despair reduce the last protector to nothing more than a Ghoul and he fades away in a house hidden by ancient magic.

A century and a half later the house is rediscovered by Elucidare Arcanum, a paranormal investigations group, and during their exploration of the relic they unwittingly release a powerful Stygian trapped there long ago. This invader wreaks a trail of destruction and death as it seeks to open a permanent doorway to its own world and Golgoath is called back into being to defeat the Stygian before it completes its task.

A race against time ensues as Golgoath seeks a way to contact Verimana before the doorway is complete but the battle against his own despair and loneliness may prove greater and threatens to leave us undefended against the invaders of our distant past."

Thanks for your help.

p.s. if you like the sound of the book I can send you a pdf sample of it B^)

It sounds like there are elements of fantasy in this book. Perhaps you should consider writing it as a fantasy with Gothic elements. As much as I like Gothic romances, it sounds like from your description, it would suit more as an action thriller.
GOLGOATH 'A Gothic fantasy action thriller' Out Now!...I like it. It flows off the tongue and would certainly raise expectations of the content B^)

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