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Doris Miles Disney
Doris Miles Disney is known for her mysteries and I wonder if she would be upset if I classify some of them as Gothics. After reading some of her straight mysteries, I ran across a couple that have a little bit of romance in them. However, it seems as if she tries very hard to keep romance out of her mysteries. I wonder if she may have been ashamed of some of the Gothic novels that were published back in her day and she deliberately tried to avoid following the trend. The one that I feel is very Gothic is “Who Rides a Tiger“. Another one that comes very close is “Heavy Heavy Hangs”. I would recommend both books.
I have about five of her books, but haven't read them all. "At Some Forgotten Door" should perhaps count as a gothic. The big secret of the story involves the house, and a secret room (or passage...can't quite remember.) There was also eerie descriptions of a particular bedroom, and portrait.

I liked her style, and found it very easy to read, though I prefer the ones set in the 19th century.
I have read a few of her's. I think "Night of Clear Choice" is very good. In fact it's chilling.
I read a bunch of them years ago, kind of a spree because I enjoyed Who Rides a Tiger and thought it very clever. It had a real gothic feel to it, but I missed the romance!

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