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Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart
Thank you! That sure is deep. Pity it'll be lost on most readers.

Reading this blog made me recall another small disappointment with the book. Linda's father once made a remark about Leon de Valmy that he was a very bad guy who maybe had better died in the accident that made him a invalid. That and the fact that Linda hid her knowledge of French made me hope for some plot surprise in that she knew a lot more of the De Valmy family and had an agenda of her own for revenge or whatever. Didn't happen. You never even learn why her father said that.

Another thing that wasn't explained properly was near the end when Leon de Valmy spoke about his accident and who else was involved. That could have done with more than just one sentence.

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RE: Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart - by Charybdis - 07-24-2010, 06:54 AM

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