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For My Beloved—
For My Beloved—
Carpe Noctum

Sweetest, I have not slept these two days past
Mingling high ecstasies with thoughts of Death
The dread of knowing I can but borrow thee momentarily,
When youth and love, locked hand in hand—
The love within a kiss— tumultuously stirred
The longings of mine stunted heart.

Ah, love me ever, my sweet Juliet,
Love is own brother to self-sacrifice;
Pardon every wrong,
When thou sigh’st, though sigh’st not wind
But my soul.

Love gave freely Love, a priceless price:
The small frail heart beating in thy downy breast—
A heart that dallies with love's luring tide.

Yesternight the moon went hence,
And yet is here today,
And these precious, priceless moments
With life, and death, and love, and fate;
Present or absent from thy sweet laughter,
Lie in my heart securely stored,
For they who one another keep alive,
N’er parted be.

In this happiest hour there is a sigh—
Beating heart to heart, as in dreamful swoon
Sinking in thy deep delicious eyes of sapphire blue
Filled with wonder at the way
Two tangled souls can blend
To weave a perfect life
Free of care, of fear—of pain.

I agree with tamtam that you definitely have an affinity for poetry. I've never studied poetry so, unfortunately, I can't provide a very knowledgeable critique. But I enjoy the atmosphere of both poems and the imagery. The mood is definitely spot-on and they both remind me of the wistful sadness of Poe's "To Helen" and "Annabel Lee" (my favorite). I also appreciated your choice of words and how you strung them together in your sentences. Clearly, you spent a great deal of time and care on both poems.

Worked for me!

Good job!

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