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Based on "Clarimonde", the episode of TV series Hunger, and it´s inspiration, "La morte amoureuse" (1834) by Theophile Gautier. Rewriting of my old story. English is not my first language.

"We came too late," the servant said mournfully. "She is dead."
The body which laid on the bed was covered by the white satin-sheet; apparently some other servant had done it and then disappeared. The wallpaper and the oven were beautiful shade of blue; although the ornate gaslamp was the only illumination, the room was brightly lit and the colors looked unusually rich and beautiful. Only later I understood how odd it was.
I stepped to the bed and put my little box the on the table. Then I lifted the sheet from the woman´s face - perhaps I couldn´t give the last rites for her but at least I could pray.
What I saw was a shock. Woman who laid on the rosy cotton-sheets, like Sleeping Beauty, was the same one I had seen in the church on the day of my ordination, looking lovelier than ever. Fair bloom of her cheeks and brilliant carnation of her full lips gave her an aspect of purity and seductiveness; her short dark hair, intertwined with loveliest roses, made a pillow under her head. Her eyes were closed.
I looked up to the servant, hoping that he hadn´t notice my stunned reaction, but he was disappeared like to thin air. I was alone with a ravishing woman which the servant had called Clarimonde.
Gingerly I touched her arm - her skin was still warm and life-like. I almost waited for her to breath and open her eyes. How extraordinary!
Slowly I bent... and kissed her lips.
Her mouth was fresh and it opened, answering to my kiss. Shocked, I broke away and Clarimonde, her sea-green eyes now open, looked at me and smiled a bit.
"Why didn´t you come sooner?" she asked softly.
I didn´t know what to say. I stepped back, understanding at last that I was lured to the trap. I turned and ran to the door; when I tried to open it, I found that the door was locked.
"You will never leave me," Clarimonde said behind my back. There was no threat in her voice. "Your God does not reach us, my love."
I turned around. She was sitting on the bed, watching me and smiling.
"Love is stronger than death," she said.

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Dying to read the next installment.
(10-14-2012, 11:09 PM)Necratare Wrote: Dying to read the next installment.

Thank you! D

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