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Let's discuss "Haunting of Hill House"
Wait, wait! I'm not done yet!

I wanted to throw two more ideas out there.

Some criticism I've read suggests that part of the psychic energy of the house was a manifestation of Eleanor's repressed sexuality. There is an unusual attraction between her and Theo and I've also read that this may have been of a sexual nature. I'm not sure that Jackson was thinking THIS deeply about the characters, but it's interesting to consider.

Also, regarding the haunting of the house, there were sick vibes and hints of impropriety from Hugh Crain's book to his daughter. The man had a strange religious fixation and his book had pictures of terrible things happening to his daughter if she did not remain pure. He included pictures of the seven deadly sins and drew the picture of lust himself. He then signed the book with his own blood.

This was the one part I felt very uncomfortable with in the whole book. Reading between the lines, was there child abuse in this house? I think Theodora's words hint at it, "Hugh Crain," Theodora said, "you were a dirty old man and you made a dirty old house and if you can still hear me from anywhere I would like to tell you to your face that I genuinely hope you will spend eternity in that foul horrible picture and never stop burning for a minute."

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