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Let's discuss "Haunting of Hill House"
Tamtam, definitely get the 1960's version of the film if you are interested in one that has any relationship to the book. The more recent version is nothing like it. In fact, it dismisses all subtlety, which is the antithesis of what Jackson was portraying.

And yes, I was referring to the scene when they go walking outside and Theo sees something horrible. There is something vague about the scene, since we never know what is so terrifying. But, to me anyway, that makes it all the more scary.

I think what MysteryMind said about wondering why the house was haunted since nothing terrible happened there is very interesting. In both film versions, they make the past events in the house far more dramatic. Jackson could have given the house a truly horrific past, but she doesn't. Again, I think this reinforces the idea that the house is diseased in some way--a place of loneliness and isolation--but not necessarily haunted in the traditional sense.

Regarding whether their conversations were strange or not, I agree, they were strange. Everything was a little off in the way everyone interacted. I think lots and lots of things were going on there. The dialogue reflects Eleanor's relationship to other people in general, and also shows all the strange tensions/conflicts going on under the surface. It's light and superficial at times, full of jokes, but often has a biting, dark undertone.

The whole book is almost like a riddle, isn't it?

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