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Let's discuss "Haunting of Hill House"
I still haven't gotten a copy of the film but I am curious to see it. If you are referring to the walk they took at night, I wondered about what Theo saw that was scary. She never described it. She just told Eleanor to run.

There was definitely something wrong with the house. As Jackson described, it was as if it was "sick". The professor attributed the poltergeist activity to Eleanor as a child, but how do we know it was not her sister as well? For the sake of our discussion, I'm willing to concede that it was more likely Eleanor. I also agree with Desdemona that she was weak-minded, or very susceptible to her atmosphere, and therefore, was more likely to experience the hauntings. But as I said before, especially in the last scene in their little drawing room, when she was experiencing voices that no one else heard, it was like she was on a psychedelic trip.

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