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My arrival
When I said "civil" here I meant mostly "common". My opinion that Gothic story carries a considerable amount of uncommon essence.
(12-14-2011, 08:11 AM)Charybdis Wrote: This is interesting. Is isolation so important? The heroines of old could have escaped the castle if they had been desperate enough.
Perhaps the trick is to have a heroine doubt the danger. It might have been accidental. She could have tripped and wasn't pushed from the stairs. She may just have a tummy ache and it wasn't poison. It usually isn't until the end of the story that the danger becomes a real person.

I imagine my Gothic heroine to be isolated, she needs to fight whatever battle/s on her own-now I don't mean that literally she has to be on a desert island or a fortress on top of a mountain, but just that she needs to be in a situation where normal means of support, be that friends, family, law enforcement or whatever are not available or not willing to help. The heroine doubting the danger is an oldie but a goodie and another is everyone thinks the heroine is crazy or a bit neurotic and that's why they don't help her address the danger.

My freshly minted Gothic Suspense Blog
Hello again, everyone!
It's been years since I was here last time. Good to see the place still standing and visited!

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