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Gothic movies
Another great Gothic film is "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. A great ghost story that takes place in a creepy English manor.
I recently acquired a compilation DVD of Alfred Hitchcock’s works but have not been able to watch all of them yet. I did see Jamaica Inn, based on Daphne du Maurier’s book. The black-and-white film is perfect for any Gothic movie. Although it was good, I felt that the hero was not well played and of course, the script was changed a bit, which seemed to make the hero that much less heroic. There is a more modern version of this movie (which I was not aware of at the time) that I found at a book sale. I have yet to view it and compare it.

Also very good on the Hitchcock DVD is “The Lady Vanishes”. I’d recommend it to movie buffs, especially Gothic lovers.
Two of Barbara Michaels' novels have been filmed, both as made for TV movies. Ammie Come Home was filmed under the title The House That Would Not Die in 1970 and starred Barbara Stanwyck as Ruth Bennett. The second was The Crying Child, a 1996 TV movie starring Mariel Hemingway. The Crying Child was released on VHS from MCA Universal but is no longer in print. US members might be able to catch both films on TNT or TBS.

My paperback edition of Victoria Holt's Mistress of Mellyn announces "soon to be a major motion picture" which never materialized. There is a 1961 stage adaptation of Mistress of Mellyn by Mildred C Kuner which might have been a basis for a film version.
Monique, what a shame that the adaptation of Mistress of Mellyn didn't happen. I wonder what studio optioned it?
maisonvivante Wrote:Monique, what a shame that the adaptation of Mistress of Mellyn didn't happen. I wonder what studio optioned it?


specifically the back cover says "Soon to be seen as a Paramount Picture".
I don't know whether the OP is interested in supernatural Gothic movies, but The Crow with Brandon Lee is one of my favourites.

Of course then there's anything that Tim Burton's done.
How about the movie The Spiral Staircase with Dorothy Maguire? Great movie!
Also an option are the Bollywood Gothic movies. I'm not so good with their names, but I can recal a few summaries. One about a group of children stranded in a old house by the rain. The old woman living there stars telling the kids ghost-stories, But as the night processes...
That movie scared the crap out of me!
I love romantic gothic atmosphere of many Hammer fims, Dracula and - believe or not - Jack the The Ripper movies... Rich colours, lovely sets and costumes, atmospheric foggy gaslit streets... no touches of Whitechapel sewers, then. Other good Gothic films
Gaslight (1944)
Lodger (1944)
Hangover square (1945)
some Universal monster films
Would The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins qualify? There was a recent version made in 1996.

Or The Wyvern Mystery, made in 2000?

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