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Definition of horror Gothic
(02-27-2023, 06:09 AM)PainterLibra Wrote:
(03-04-2016, 09:10 PM)pikkuneko Wrote: Horror: the survival instinct of the hero turns on and he or she confronts or runs away from the danger or surrenders to it.
(prey-hunter tale)
Gothic: the danger wakes the curiosity of the hero and against commun sense he or she follows the trail to discover the nature of the danger. Every gothic fiction relies on horror as a hook, but in fact they are mysteries.

Good explanation you gave, I want to add some about  Gothic fiction.
Gothic fiction is characterized by an environment or situation of fear, the threat of supernatural events, and the intrusion of the past upon the present. Gothic fiction is distinguished from other forms of scary or supernatural stories, such as fairy tales, by the specific theme of the present being haunted by the past.  The setting typically includes physical reminders of the past, especially through ruined buildings which stand as proof of a previously thriving world which is decaying in the present. Especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, characteristic settings include castles, religious buildings like monasteries and convents, crypts sculptures and much more.
I like that description

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