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Move or Elimination of Horror Gothic Forum?
When planning the forum, the original structure included sub-forums for the various Gothic sub-genres, including Horror Gothics, Whimsical Gothics,  Exotic Gothics etc.  Ultimately, we decided that too many sub-forums relating to small, almost invisible, sub-genres serves no purpose to an embryonic forum (fractionalising the forum at a later date, when we have a larger and broader readership, would be better.)  

The reason we elected to keep the "Horror Gothics" sub-forum in place is that we anticipated that if any sub-genre were to attract members it would be the popular Horror Gothic genre, and having a separate area to discuss books of this genre would keep it out of the areas where the essential rhythm of the discussion is focussed on the (pure) Gothic romance.

I agree with GothicLover's sentiment that the discussion should focus on the Gothic romance.  However, it seems inevitable that the forum will attract HG fans.  Proceeding empirically, we could remove the HG sub-forum and observe the impact.  If the HG posting begins to crowd other areas, we could reinstate it (perhaps as a sub-forum of the "Off Topic" discussion.)

Let's see how the poll goes and we'll act accordingly.

Here is the poll post:

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RE: Move or Elimination of Horror Gothic Forum? - by GothAdmin - 10-25-2007, 01:30 AM

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