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[BIBLIO] Victoria Holt
I read the first ten while I was in high school in the 70s. I re-read Kirkland Revels about 20 years ago, and started reading it for the third time a few days ago. I collect Gothic paperbacks mostly for the cover art. I keep them displayed in an old fashioned wire book rack. I have a handful of Victoria Holt novels, but not Kirkland Revels, but I picked up a 1970 paperback edition in perfect shape on eBay for $1 USD! I'm about 1/4 the way into it and already we have a new bride in a large drafty house where she is not welcome by family members, overhearing sinister conversations, and a gallery of haunting ancestral family portraits, many of whom have a penchant for committing suicide by throwing themselves from the nearest parapet (the ancestral family members, not the portraits!)

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