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this series is NOT gothic but...
There is a series of books out that I really love but its NOT GOTHIC and its really for teenagers but I think people should try. These books are by Judson Roberts and are about Vikings. The books are "Viking Warrior", "Dragons from the Sea" and "Road to Vengance" there are suppose to be others coming out also. In the 1st book the main character (Halfdan) is a slave of a Viking...but his master is really his own father. When a rich Viking dies he has his favorite dog and horse killed to enter the next world with him and ALSO his woman> When the slave master is dying he calls both his wife and Halfdan's mother (she is a slave too) to his side and says that instead of his wife he wants his slave to die with him. She is a Christian and the viking worships the old Scandiavian gods. She isn't afraid to die and she stands up to him for the first time: She makes a bargain with him, she will die IF he will make Halfdan an heir and declare him his true child and free him from slavery. She tells him that since he believes she will "serve" him in the afterlife that if he does NOT do this she will be a bad mate to him in the next world and not serve him (of course she is Christian and does not believe in his religion). She says she KNOWS that he could order her to die anyway but for him to remember how she will treat him the the afterworld. The guy is dying and consents, he calls Halfdan and in front of witness declares him free and his child and heir. So his mother is killed when the guy dies and they build a boat (on land) and put her and him and his dog and horse in it and burn it. This DEEPLY affects Halfdan because she died to help him. That how it begins and there is SO much that happens because of him being freed and made an heir but he NEVER forgets his mom and trys to live so her death is not in vain. The books are SO GOOD! EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THEM.

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this series is NOT gothic but... - by bronte - 02-10-2010, 06:05 PM
RE: this series is NOT gothic but... - by bronte - 04-30-2010, 08:56 PM

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