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Louisa May Alcott
You might think, huh?

I ran across a Louisa May Alcott mystery a few years ago - not one of those new cozy mysteries starring Louisa May Alcott, but one written by her. I can't remember the title, but I never read it. Now, I'm disappointed.

LMA's name is probably not well-known amongst gothic authors, but apparently, Louisa devoured the early gothics. She loved them so much that she wrote some herself, under a pseudonym, before she became famous for her "romances".

These novellas and novelettes were printed in installments in weekly papers that sold more on their graphic illustrations than their texts. You can imagine the Victorian papers in existence in those days. In fact, I have a book containing early illustrations and gory stories from those days, so I can just see how they could have influenced Louisa and fed her fancy for gothics.

Although she is not a classic "master" of the genre, I think I'll add another post under the "classic" category about the stories I read.

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