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What's the last horror Gothic book you read?
(06-18-2009, 01:25 PM)coramunroe Wrote: You know, after 'reading' (listened to it on audio in my car) Dracula, I find this obsession with a vampire being one sexy dude hard to take. The physical description of this guy was creepy and I can't imagine anyone even remotely thinking he was sexy, even after his younger transformation.

Then you've got shows like Moonlight and Blood Ties and a movie like Dracula 2000 and they are sexy as anything.

I guess ultimately it the biting that counts. And to me, that is still gross! Imagine dropping everything when a vampire calls? Not unless he was helping with the household chores Smile

Coramunroe -

I read the book after seeing the movie as well, and it was very interesting to compare the two. Even though Stoker describes him as a really disgusting, creepy guy (i agree with you, its very difficult to be attracted to the Dracula in the book), he was aslo described as a gentleman with a suave manner, and seemed to be a magnet for women.

I think the obsession with modern vampires is largely due to the Hollywood romananticization of Bela Lugosi. (i don't know if you saw the 1939 version, or later one) There is no doubt that the film used Lugosi's charm to bring the sexual subtext of the book (of which there is plenty!) to the foreground.
In fact i think a lot of classic monsters (the phantom of the opera, Dracula, even Captain Hook to some degree) have been romanisized by the film industry in a way that the original authers probably didn't intend. Since we as readers are so attracted to the darker side of literatur (why else do we have theses forums?), we tend to attribute villains and monsers with traits that they weren't necessarily "born" with. The books may have alreay been written, but the characters will continue to evolve until society gets bored with them. It's a way of keeping an old story fresh.

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