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What's your favorite classic gothic book?
Perhaps one of the most outre of 'gothics' is by Thomas Love Peacock. It's called Nightmare Abbey and I defy you to find anything else quite like it in English literature!
All the gothic elements are there from obligatory gloomy residence, moss encrusted graveyard, melancholic 'hero' and his heartless female 'lover' , plus a whole array of outlandish characters who make the most bizarre small talk as the action edges forward.
Another too little known 'gothicky' novel is 18th century Irish novelist, Maria Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent. Decayed gentlefolk and Anglo-Irish squirearchy make a very nice setting!
As for the Golden Age 60s/70s gothic suspensers there are so many but for slick, controlled writing in a way reminiscent of Agatha Christie in the whodunit genre, I'd nominate Helen Arvonen as a serious contender. She tightly controls the action and her characters have real life about them. 'Least of All Evils' and 'Whistle at my Window' are especially good in my opinion.
Also worth mentioning is Velda Johnston's 'The Light in the Swamp'.

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