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Hiding from the Light (2003) by Barbara Erskine
Hi Desdemona,
I was a big fan of Barbara Erskine for years. I vaguely remember reading this one and didn't mind it so much. For me the book that should never have been allowed to print was Kingdom of Shadows. It was basically Lady of Hay rewritten with new added boring bits.
You're right about the need for a slash and burn edit. I don't care how big an author's name or what their sales are like, they all need an objective eye to rub out the unneccessary detail.
So many popular author's later works read as if they're phoning it in and insisting that every word that drops from their fingers is a polished gem that cannot be left out. They did their research and the readers are going to learn every little thing they found out. The result is good writers are putting out mediocre work. Work that could have been great if they'd cut out the dross.
You've hit on one of my pet hates here. Can you tell?

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