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Riverwood by Jane Corby
It's hard to say which was the better story, Riverwood or As Deadly Does, but this one was a little more difficult to guess because it was a little more convoluted.

Synopsis: Nora Scott went to Riverwood when she graduated from art school.  Her job was to restore the magnificent old mansion to its original splendor.  During her first week, there was a mysterious fire on the grounds - and she found herself accused of arson.  Then there were two frightening attempts on her life.  Why? Who would want to stop her from making Riverwood as beautiful as it had once been? The young architect? The elegant doctor? The attractive landscape expert? Or even her own fiance?

Critique: "Riverwood"? Really? After naming the other house on the Hudson "Whisperwood" (As Deadly Does). Ok, the fiance was the reason for Nora to be at Riverwood in the first place but his motives were so ridiculous.  If the author had just lured our heroine to the place for the primary purpose of restoring the place, it might have worked better.  By the way, our heroine was not accused of arson.  And honestly, she was stupid to be so trusting of the wrong people.

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