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Stumbled across the site
I was excited to stumble across this site thanks to a Gothic book cover--or was it art work--on Pinterest, where I've recently started a Retro Gothic Book board.  

Since childhood I've loved Gothic books--big haunted houses, creepy families, etc. from Betty Ren Wright to Nathaniel Hawthorne in my teens. In the past two years I've dove into classic Gothics and the Gothic romances of the 1950-70s.  I even started a Goodreads Gothic bookshelf.

There's a book stall at the local flea market that sells the old Gothic paperbacks 3 for $5 and I go stock up every few months, as well as keep an eye out at thrift and used book stores. Also a friend of mine loans me titles from her mother's collection, mostly Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney. Other Gothic authors I frequent are Mary Stewart and Frances Parkinson Keyes.

I'm a twice published author (both young adult novels--one historical and one contemporary) and am currently querying for an adult historic Gothic family saga series.

Look forward to seeing what's going on in the forums. 

Some recently read books in my collection:

My To-Be-Read Pile (just started Sleep in the Woods):

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