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A Dark and Splendid Passion by Lady Eleanor Smith
Original title: The Man in Grey

"The artist's name was long since forgotten, but the brooding, enigmatic face in the portrait would forever haunt those who chanced to look upon him.  Young Mary Rohan was no exception to the influence of The Man in Grey.  Bride of the last descendant of the House of Rohan, Mary was alone in the ghost-ridden manor when she came upon the portrait in a hidden room.  Driven by forces she could not explain, she soon found herself deep in an atmosphere of soul-searing terror and evil, as she strove to unlock a fatal secret - the ancient mystery of two star-crossed lovers."

Copyright 1941

I had been waiting to give reviews of the books I have read in order to allow myself time to compose a fair assessment rather than an impetuous one.  However, this one made me want to sit down right away to review.  As Ms. Radcliffe says, "this is a real humdinger - the kind I hope for with each new book I open."

This book is not the typical Gothic romance.  It reminds me of Rebecca, which was published in 1938.  It begins with a first-person narrative from Mary, then becomes a third-person narrative as she describes the story of the Regency Rohans, then returns to her.  I cannot say more without spoiling it for anyone who is lucky enough to find this book.

I do want to say that Ms. Radcliffe had one error in her book.  She lists A Dark and Splendid Passion and The Man in Grey as separate books but they are the same one.  She apparently did not read The Man in Grey and/or her A Dark and Splendid Passion did not state that it was originally titled The Man in Grey.

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