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Her Stepfather's House by June Wetherell
"Her mother's new home, a three-story shambles dominating a hill near the edge of the village, wasn't at all what Gail had expected.  At autumn dusk, with its windows lighted, it looked like an evilly leering jack-o-lantern.  From the moment of her arrival, Gail felt apprehensive.  Not only was there something sinister about the house itself, but Wolff Sorenson was anything but the jovial importer of fine foods he pretended to be.  Why did he so carefully guard his office? Who were the strangers who called on him at odd hours of the night? Was handsome Donald Bishop quite what he seemed - and what was the real reason Ben Haynes wanted to talk to Wolff? Gradually the answers came clear.  But with them came the dreadful certainty that no one could know what Gail had learned - and continue to live!"

Copyright 1972.  That should have given it away.

The synopsis is better written than the book and if you read the book, you could feel how desperately difficult it must have been for the copywriter to create the synopsis.  Poor characterization, pathetic premise, juvenile plotting.  I say this from the point of view that I could not feel the suspense but just a sense of "how stupid is everybody?"

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