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"Shadow of Danger" by Mary Forker Ford
The synopsis on this book was much better than the book itself. That was probably because the writing was immature, the dialogues embarassingly stilted, the actions/behavior of the characters are unbelievable (for example, our heroine is invited to visit her ex-fiance's sister. She finds out that the ex-fiance and his wife are visiting as well. Knowing they would stay with the sister, she decides to book a room in a hotel. When she arrives, she discovers that they moved into the same hotel as herself. She wants to avoid them, yet she insists on staying in the hotel?)

Here is the synopsis:

"On her wedding day, Evelyn Bevington was left literally standing at the altar when her childhood sweetheart, Jerry Davis, ran off with another woman. Though that was three years ago, still "that woman" was the last person Evelyn expected to come calling on her. But luxury-loving Leila Davis needed a favor - specifically, she needed money and offered to sell an exquisitely carved old ivory chess set. Evelyn bought it, thinking it would make the perfect gift for friends she was planning to visit on Guam. That night she had another caller who came unannounced through the back door and left her unconscious from a blow on the head. It was the first of a series of frightening incidents that Evelyn thought she left behind when she boarded a plane for Hawaii, the first stop on her scheduled trip. But halfway across the world she discovered she was being followed - and terror became her traveling companion..."

This could only muster a "C" for me.

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"Shadow of Danger" by Mary Forker Ford - by fallover - 07-10-2008, 06:27 PM

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