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Nurse at the Castle [Joanne Holden, 1965]
Bellatrix Wrote:The story focuses more on interpersonal/social difficulties -- particularly as regards romantic rivals -- than anything else. :-\ The romances blow up far too fast; there are two serious marriage proposals which occur within the space of a few weeks[?!]. The basic mood of the novel is catiness (a serious negative with me). The women in the story just don't like each other, with the exception of Lavinia Barclay (the elderly millionaire widow) and Nurse Nancy.

I find that most Gothics do emphasize romantic rivals; thus, setting up doubts about who is terrorizing the heroine. "Cattiness" is very common. Also, because most Gothics are fairly short, the romance does explode rather than bloom. However, some authors are able to portray the development much better than others.

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