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Houses of Stone by Barbara Michaels (1993)
There's nothing wrong with feminism if you don't go overboard. (I guess that applies to everything.)

Women may be the fairer sex, the gentler sex, but they are not necessarily the "weaker" (physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, etc.) sex. I certainly oppose those ideals that calls for the woman to rely solely upon her male counterpart to take responsibility for everything. So I don't like books with weak females and domineering males. I don't believe all males are comfortable with that kind of ideal either.

On the other hand, I am not a feminist because that word now has very negative connotations for me. I know of some women who are so strong in their feministic ideals it gets out of hand. Just as an example, there are some cities here that allow women to go around topless just because men can. I am not so blind from feminist ideals that I believe men and women were built the same. There's a role for each sex and although we can be equals in intellect, etc., we have to acknowledge that we have our differences, whether that makes us better or worse is to be determined individually.

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