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Recent inactivity
(11-17-2013, 01:10 AM)GothAdmin Wrote: Hello Penfeather,

Thanks for reporting spam when you see it. We appreciate your (and others) efforts in this area. We apologize for the recent spate of spam messages that made it on to the forum. I'm not sure "filling up" is a description quite in proportion with the half dozen or so that made it through. We do still actively moderate the forum and catch the vast majority of spam. There are several thousand spam attempts made per month so when you witness the comparatively rare event that one appears on the forum it usually means the spam message has been craftily designed to evade our automated filters, and is posted at a time when moderators are not on the forum. Occasionally, there are periods when other commitments dictate that moderators are unable to check the forum for several successive days, and spam that makes it through in these times can hang around for a few days (over the lifetime of the forum - now approaching 7 years - the number of such instances can be counted on one hand.) We have no plan of letting the forum run to seed. We certainly appreciate your considered input over the years, and look forward to reading your forthcoming reviews Smile

You're right -- "filling up" was a gross exaggeration. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound unappreciative (I love this group). I should have said that I felt the forum was in danger of filling up with spam, because of the inactivity. I admit my own part in that inactivity as I haven't posted a review in a long time. Anyway, glad to see this group is still alive!

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