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Katheryn Kimbrough cover art
I finally found the last of the Phenwick Women, Belinda, so while I had them all out sorting them I scanned the covers.
This winter when it's cold and dark I'm going to start with Augusta the First and work my way to Belinda the Impatient by spring!
In the mean time, I'm going to scan more cover art. Next up, the Dark Shadows series by Marilyn Ross. And a bunch more by Marilyn/Clarissa/Dan/WED Ross. Smile
Cover art from Dark Shadows novels here:
I should get at least the rest of the Marylin Ross covers done next week.
Marilyn, Clarissa, Dan, & W.E.D. Ross covers here:
I didn't know I had quite that many. Smile I have some hardcovers as well, but the cover art on them isn't that great. Next up is Caroline Farr and then Dorothy Daniels.
Caroline Farr covers here:
Dorothy Daniels here:
Virginia Coffman here:

I have about 250 more before I'm finished. Tongue
I just had the opportunity to review your Flickr collection. Outstanding work! I look forward to seeing more!

Lou Marchetti's daughter has a Facebook page for Lou's cover art, I bet she would love to see some of the Phenwyck women covers posted. Also there is a great group called Gothic Romance Paperback Novels with a number of cover scans.

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