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"The House on the Moat" by Virginia Coffman
This was another enjoyable little cozy Gothic. It was an historical Gothic, and another around the Regency era. There was humor, romance and a little light suspense. Despite the fact that there were several deaths, I did not feel this was one of those heavy, brooding Gothics. I don't think the author meant for it to be, either.

The story is about a young woman being hired as a housekeeper at the House on the Moat, rumored to be "haunted". The new young master was moving in with his prospective bride. His father had supposedly been murdered by his own valet in the house. Although it was never explained adequately, the master's uncle (his father's brother - couldn't tell if it was a younger or older) holds the reins and likes to goad his nephew. I wouldn't be giving away anything if I said that it was inevitable that the uncle would fall for our housekeeper heroine.

I would rate this as a "B". It misses an "A" because I think there may have been some historical inaccuracies and it was too lighthearted. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable read.
Sounds good! I like Virginia Coffman. Will keep an eye out (not literally of course, lol...well heck, this is a Gothic forum) for it. Smile

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