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Boris Karloff's Thriller - Penfeather - 01-23-2011

My brother gave me the full DVD set of Boris Karloff's Thriller for Christmas. This was a short-lived (only two seasons) show that aired from 1960 to '62. While most of the episodes would be classified as either horror or suspense, there are a couple genuine gothics in the lot (and many others have what might be called gothic overtones or atmosphere).

One of these, The Last of the Somervilles, is wonderfully macabre. Not a romance at all, but a Gothic suspense story revolving around an eccentric dowager of the Miss Havisham mold, played to perfection by Martita Hunt. Also features an excellent performance by Phyllis Thaxter.

Another noteworthy episode is The Incredible Doktor Markesan, based on an August Derleth story. This is a traditional gothic horror story after the Lovecraft manner, and one of the rare episodes to star Karloff himself, in the title role. Notwithstanding distractingly bad performances by Dick York (dreadfully miscast here!) and the constantly screechy and irritating Carolyn Kearney (is "anti-charisma" a word?), the episode is worth watching and still provokes a shiver even in 2011.

There are many other episodes I've enjoyed watching, too numerous to mention here. But for a complete guide, look here:

RE: Boris Karloff's Thriller - Charybdis - 04-19-2011

Thank you, Penfeather! I've found TV-rips available for download and plan to view them while on holiday next May.